About Us

rita miles. glenn roberson

Rita Miles has evolved a method of designing interiors based on an experiential as well as an aesthetic approach. Miles Interiors is not trendy or stylistic. Her designs have a timeless quality. She has a passion for architecture and her appreciation is reflected in the way she works with architects; advocating a design process which encourages collaboration. 

Miles received her Bachelor of Business with a background in art and design and subsequent studies in interior design and interior architecture. She then began her career in Atlanta working as Senior Associate Designer for Walter & Kyte international, Inc., where she developed a knowledge and passion for residential and commercial design. In 1996 she launched Miles Interiors, Inc. a full service residential and commercial interior design firm. Founded in classical design, Miles playful approach to design illustrates itself through her use of color and textures.

Interior design of existing space or new construction is an expression of personality and a form of communication. Having the devotion for designing modern to traditional interiors comes from an ability and intuition to see a space transformed. Using architecture, color, lighting, furniture, space planning, and art, Miles Interiors is dedicated to design style of modern, contemporary, traditional, transitional spaces which are distinct, attractive, and sensible every time. This requires much thought and insight into each design project.

With great enthusiasm for design, Miles Interiors brings a fresh approach to the table when creating a design for each client. The goal is to enjoy the outcome and also to be engaged in the process. In our process every item is carefully planned and selected to reflect the client’s aesthetic style.


Julia Turner has joined Miles Interiors in February , 2016 and since then
has been fostering her skills in Interior Design.
Working with different types of clients and estates has helped Julia to broaden her horizons.
Julia Turner received her Bachelor’s degree in International Communication with Art sub major. She believes it is important to reflect clients’ character in everything that is done for their homes, without forgetting to put your personal
stamp on the proceedings. Being able to read every client in order to improve their lives and interiors and executing it in your own signature style – this is what defines you as a designer.